Tom Ellis (Netflix’s Lucifer)


Tom Ellis is an actor best known for his role as Lucifer Morningstar on the hit Netflix show Lucifer. Fans may also recognize Tom from his other roles on, Queen America, Miranda, and Rush.

Tom was born in Cardiff Wales. His father ironically is a Baptist pastor, while his mother is a music teacher. Music has always been a big part of Tom’s life. His first instrument was the trumpet, and during his teen years later switched to the french horn.

During his high school prep, Tom was introduced to the world of acting through a drama class. Initially joining because there wasn’t enough males, he later found a love for the theater.

With the encouragement of both his family and friends Tom would go on to study acting at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It’s here that Tom would meet his best mate, James McAvoy (Split, X-Men First Class, Wanted). The two friends would go on to find success in the world of acting.

After completing his studies, Tom audition for a role in the film, ‘Buffalo Soldiers‘ starring Joaquin Phoenix. The role was for an American soldier. Due to his thick Welsh accent, the studio was forced to over-dub Tom’s voice for the final film. This would become a turning point for Tom, as he started to focus on his voice, and how he could manipulate it, not only for acting, but singing as well.

In 2015 Tom would audition and land the leading role on (at the time) Fox’s ‘Lucifer’. After an outing with the cast and crew, Tom found himself at a karaoke bar. It was here that Tom’s singing talents were put on display. Instantly the producers found a way to write in Tom’s singing abilities into the show. This is how he met our host, Valerie Morehouse.

Listen to Tom’s episode to learn more about his Journey, and how he is using his voice to bring each of his characters to life, and hopefully pave a way to broadway.

Tom Ellis  ( Lucifer  on Netflix,  Queen America)

Tom Ellis (Lucifer on Netflix, Queen America)