Jahan Yousaf is one of half of the EDM duo Krewella. Jahan’s sister Yasmine Yousaf completes the other half of the duo.

Although Jahan and her sister are natives of Illinois, where they were raised by their parents. The two girls were surrounded by music from an early age. Their mother loved the world of rock n roll, and would listen to bands with the likes of, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and others.

Jahan and Yasmine’s father is of Pakistani heritage. It’s a common misconception that the duo are able to speak both Arabic and Hindi. Growing up their father would often have to translate many conversations for the two girls.

In 2007 Jahan and Yasmine would start to write their fist songs. These first set of songs would be uploaded to the social media site Myspace. As the duo would continue to write original music, they feared that there wouldn’t be a scene that would embrace them. Later on that same year, the sisters would meet their longtime bandmate, Kris Trindi. The opportunity to perform their music in the EDM scene gave new life to the group.

The trio would continue to produce and release music under the name Krewella.

In 2013 Krewella went on their first world tour. The tour included trips to North America, Europe and Asia. Upon returning home, the group would go straight on to another North American tour.

As of 2014 the trio became a duo. Although parting ways with a band member can be difficult, the duo would not let them jade their careers.

In this episode of LipRoll we speak with Jahan Yousaf. She and Valerie Morehouse (Host of LipRoll) discuss the movement known as Krewella. Jahan gives insight into the highs and lows of being an artist today. Along with the way tour life can break you down, but also give you a new perspective.

Jahan Yousaf  ( Krewlla , DJ/Singer)

Jahan Yousaf (Krewlla , DJ/Singer)