Joe Buck


Joe Buck (Fox Sports Broadcaster, Author) has be known to be the voice of modern sports. Joe is best known for his work with Fox Sports as a play by play broadcaster for the MLB, the NFL, and most recently, the PGA Tour.

Joe Buck was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Baseball fans might remember the late Jack Buck (Joes Father) as the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals. To say that Jack Buck had an influence on his sons career choice would be an understatement. Joe idolized his father as both a young boy and young man.

The two would go on to call the play by play for the St. Louis Cardinals throughout the 1996 MLB season. Joe would go on to be hired by Fox Sports, and would become a staple in their sports programming.

As of 2019 Joe has been able to call the play by play for The Super Bowl, The World Series, and the PGA Golf Tour. Few sports broadcasters share this same accolade.

Although he is adored by many sports fans across America, Joe does have his non-supporters as well. Dealing with the backlash of sports fans has become a normal everyday thing for Joe Buck. In his book “Lucky Bastard” Joe explains how he deals with “haters” around the sports world.

In this episode of LipRoll, Valerie sits down with Joe Buck as they reflect on his vocal paralysis. And how together, Valerie and Joe were able to get his voice back from 0 to 100 percent. Joe also gives us a peek into the background of the sports broadcasting world.

Joe Buck  ( Fox Sports Broadcaster, Author)

Joe Buck (Fox Sports Broadcaster, Author)