Gabrielle Friedland better known as SYMON is the host of “Hollywood Hits 1” on Sirius XM.

Symon is no rookie to the entertainment industry. Symons singing career started at the young age of 16 years old. Her first music project The New Officials was a young, high energy pop band. The band found instant success with their debut single “Electric Love City”.

TNO went on to support big names on touring, which included the likes of Demi Lovato and Becky G.

in 2016 Symon would part ways with TNO and pursue a solo career. Symon would sign to Verve a sub label of Capitol Records. Verve; known primarily for signing Jazz artists was under new management by David Foster. While signed here, Symon would have 2 “Top 40” hits, ‘Say’ and ‘Lonely Girl’.

While doing a press tour for her newly released singles, Symon was complimented on her everyday speaking voice. After some time, Symon would find herself hosting 'Hollywood Hits 1’ On Sirius XM Radio.

In this episode, Symon goes into depth about how she has used social media as a tool to share her love for fashion, and share her opinions in a creative way. Valerie Morehouse and Symon also discuss what the future of hosting could look like for Symon.

Symon ( Artist/Radio DJ)

Symon (Artist/Radio DJ)