Emily Warren


Born and raised in New York, Emily Warren is no stranger to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of the entertainment industry. Although her parents are both lawyers, music and creativity has always been a part of Warrens life.

At a young age, Warren would be introduced to the concept of songwriting by her childhood piano teacher.

From there music would be a constant part of her life. Warren would go on to create her first band known as, “Emily Warren & the Betters”. The band would include, Eitienne Bowler, and Marc Campbell. Future members of the popular band Misterwives.

After finding local success throughout New York, with “The Betters”; Warren and her band would go on to find their music being shared on the hit MTV Series, “Skins”.

Throughout her high school career, Warren would give music more attention than her studies, which often frustrated her teachers. It would go as far, as asking for extensions on homework assignments due to the amount of shows she and her band had been playing at the time.

When it came to part ways with the band and the high school experience, Warren decided to stay local.

She attend the Clive Davis School of Music at NYU. It was from there on that Warren’s life would change forever.

During her time at NYU Emily would be offered a song-writers deal with Prescription Songs Label. Best known for their founder, Producer Dr. Luke.

In this episode learn how Emily Warren became a part of Forbes 30 under 30. How she was able to write multiple Billboard #1 hits. And work with some of today’s most influential artist. All while doing it on her terms.

Emily Warren  (Singer-Songwriter)

Emily Warren (Singer-Songwriter)