Cailin Russo


Cailin Russo is a young and vibrant recording artist and model. As a native of San Diego Cailin is no stranger to the sunshine and laid back lifestyle that LA can offer. Being the daughter of punk rocker Scott Russo (Unwritten Law) also meant that the laid back lifestyle also included, late night rock shows, green room antics and traveling around the country. Due to her fathers career, Cailin was introduced to the entertainment industry at a very young age.

Before making a career of her own in music, Cailin would enter the world of modeling. After a small agency suggested that she try it out; a few head shots later Cailin would be getting calls for commercials, teen apparel shoots and more. Her best known work would be as the featured love interest in the Justin Bieber for his single, “All That Matters”.

Although Russo does continue to work in the modeling world, it was inevitable that she would return to her music roots eventually.

In 2017 Cailin would release her first single “September Rose” as a solo artist. Not long after that, she would release a follow up single. But in 2018 Cailin, turned her focus to a new project RUSSO; a 4 four-piece pop rock band based out of LA. RUSSO found instant success with their debut EP, “House With A Pool”.

In this episode of LipRoll Cailin talks with Valerie Morehouse about her early life influences in music. (The list of name may surprise you. ) Cailin also talks about the differences between being a solo artist, and have the camaraderie of a band.

Cailin Russo  ( RUSSO , Recording Artist, Model)

Cailin Russo (RUSSO , Recording Artist, Model)