All of the things you didn’t know about your voice.


LipRoll is a fresh new show about influential voices in art, entertainment and pop culture.

From the biggest artists, songwriters, and moguls in the entertainment business to famous actors in TV and film and everyone in between, LipRoll provides it’s audience with a closer look into how iconic voices are made.

Valerie Morehouse, a celebrity vocal coach (Sia, the Chainsmokers, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Bridges and more) is joined in each episode with world class musicians, songwriters, actors, and more to discuss how to build and sustain an influential platform in a creative industry with a landscape that is always changing and evolving.

A New Podcast by Ildefonso.

For fans of interesting conversations and behind the scenes looks at the entertainment industry, LipRoll is an engaging new show with a unique take on familiar topics.

LipRoll is launching in January 2019.

Podcast Host/Celebrity Vocal Coach: Valerie Morehouse

Podcast Host/Celebrity Vocal Coach: Valerie Morehouse